About Lei Li

Since I started learning to programme, I have been really passionate about programming.
Most of my time is used to learn new knowledge of programming.
From documentation to design, from development to deployment, I can complete the entire website application independently.
I think that being able to learn the entire development of web application is more beneficial to my future career on programming.


2018.2-2018.11 Graduate Diploma in Computing: Programming (level 7)
Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand
2002.9-2006.7 Bachelor of Electronic Information Engineering
Nanjing University of Information Science&Technology, China


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

PHP, C#, Java, ASP.NET

Laravel, React, Bootstrap

MySQL, SQL Server, Access

My Projects

All Web applications are deployed in Alibaba Cloud Web Service(Ubuntu, Nginx, ...).
And all websites have HTTPS/SSL certifications.

Laravel-React Account (Link)

Web: PHP, Laravel, Rest API, React
The website is developed by laravel-react. You can register and login for recording your daily Cost and Income. Account: leili, Password:123456

Bug Tracking System (Link)

Web: PHP, Laravel, HighCharts
The website keeps track of software bugs and tests, assign bugs to developers and present reports. Account: manager1, Password:123456

Books Management(Link)

Web: Vue.js, Node.js
The website is developed by vue.js with a simple backend Rest API which is developed by Node.js. The web application is for mobile device

(ASP)Online Shopping (Link)

This is an online shopping website that customers can purchase goods and administrator can manage their products,orders and members.

(PHP)Online Shopping (Link)

Web: PHP, Laravel
The same online shopping website which is developed by PHP. Account:admin@email.com

Canvas Game(Link)

Web: JavaScript, Canvas, Fabric.js
Two canvas games, one is a catching balls game, the other is a number puzzle game which is developed by fabric.js(Canvas Library).

Village Game

Windows: C#, MVC
An application allows the user to view and change the data of objects in text view and graphic view. And has an additional small game function.

Employee Management

Windows: C#, Access
It's a windows application which can help the user to manage the employers, the employees, applicants and the candidates.

Ball Game App

Android: Java, Box2D
This application is aiming to design an Android ball shooting game, which mainly utilizes the knowledge of Box2D, gyroscope and accelerometer

Map App

Android: Java, JSON API, Google Map
An Android application that locates a user's co-ordinates, queries JSON API and displays results using the Google Maps Android API.

Work Experience

Developer(Part-time) Mar 2019 - Present
Guazi Technology Limited, Auckland, NZ
  • Configure the CentOS7 Cloud Web Service and deploying a web application which is Node.js back-end and Vue.js front-end application.
  • Modify User Interface of a web application according to the requirements of the UI designer by Vue.js.

Developer(Volunteer) Mar 2019 - Present
Creatio - Auckland Christian Artists Meetup, Auckland, NZ
  • Develop a web application which is called PrayerBox with other team members by using Vue.js and quasar.

TV Support Jul 2007 - Oct 2017
JiangsuĀ BroadcastingĀ Cable Information Network Corporation Limited,Nanjing,China
  • Manage a team of 5 people for maintaining TV signals.
  • Solve the complaints from clients.

Contact Me

If you have any software development job opportunities or you are interested in my projects, please email me.

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